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Gala Voting News

We have a vote page ready for you to choose the dances that you would like programmed at the Gala (and that cuers are able to cue). This list will evolve as new dances are released and picked up in Colorado. You may vote any time up to Oct 4.

If you've put this off, Register Now. The Gala is our premier round dance event of the year -- great teaching, cueing, dancing, friends, and fun. Don't miss it!

Interested in the Gala "Party Bus" or carpool info? Click.



and Club Party Dances


Harvest Moon


To get PDF flyers for CRDA events, visit our Flyer folder.

Download, print, and take them to dances that you attend.

Club Party Dances

Becky & Beyond

Dancing Penguins

Party Dance most 1st & 3rd Fridays


Happy Feet

Outpost Rounders


What's Being Danced in Colorado?

November 2014 Report -- PDF

December 2014 Report -- PDF

January 2015 Report -- PDF

February 2015 Report -- PDF

March 2015 Report -- PDF

April 2015 Report -- PDF

May 2015 Report -- PDF

June 2015 Report -- PDF

July 2015 Report -- PDF

2015 Gala

2015 Gala

The 2015 Gala will be held in Grand Junction. Register now! It's time. Download the flyer and registration form here.

There is a possibility of using a charter bus to take dancers from Denver to Grand Junction and back, as well as to the hotel and all the dancing venues. If we have a full bus it will be about $40 per person for the bus trip. Currently, there are only10 people signed up to take the bus. We need 30 to 40 more people! If you are interested in riding the "Gala Party Bus", please let us know ASAP at or 303-690-0916. If there are not enough people for the “Gala Party Bus” by October 1st, the charter bus will be canceled.

Another option to getting to Grand Junction is to car pool with your dancing friends! Ask your friends to make a fun weekend together! Some dancers cannot drive as far as Grand Junction, so we need your help! Are you willing to drive another couple to Grand Junction? Please let us know and we will connect you with dancers who need a ride. Are you a dancer that would like a ride to Grand Junction? Please let us know and we will connect you with drivers. We will be your ride arrangers! Contact us: or 303-690-0916.

CMU Ballroom

CMU Ballroom

La Puerto Ballroom

La Puerto Ballroom

Roper Ballroom

Roper Ballroom

Shall We Dance

Click image for larger version or info.

Waltz Lessons

Beginner -- No Experience Needed

Rocky Tops

Red Rock Ramblers

Gary Shoemake

Buggy Stomp

Weekend Fling, WA

Hurd Labor Day

PDF Flyer


RDAV Australia

PDF Flyer


PDF Flyer

Fun Valley

Red River

Palm Springs



Harvest Holiday

Houston RDF

Cactus Capers



PDF Flyer

Find Other Square & Round Dance Events at

Colorado State Square Dance Assoc.

Spring Dance, April 19, 2015

Information | Flyer

Fun Dances, throughout the year

Information | Flyer

Harvest Moon, Sept. 27, 2015

Information | Flyer

CRDA Gala, Nov. 6-7, 2015

Featuring Steve & Lori Harris and Randy & Marie Preskitt

Figure Clinics: Becky & Dave Evans and Ed & Elvira Glenn

Information | Flyer

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What is Round Dancing?

CoupleRound Dancing is basically choreographed ballroom or couple dancing, with all couples dancing the same figures around the floor at the same time, similar to a formation dance team or to sequence dancing. Over the last 50+ years, thousands of routines have been choreographed to match specific music in almost every dance style imaginable. A routine done to a specific piece of music in Colorado USA is almost always the same routine you would do to that music in Japan or any other place worldwide at the same level of difficulty.


This formation-team type of dancing eliminates the traffic-jam feeling that you sometimes get while free-form ballroom dancing. Dancers are able to concentrate more on how they are executing figures and dancing as one coherent unit as opposed to trying to think about which figure or pattern to do next.


Lady's ShoesDancers rely on an instructor to guide them through the figures in each routine, thereby eliminating the need to memorize. In an average evening session a couple typically dances 20-60 different routines.


Another distinguishing characteristic of Round Dancing is the use of a "cuer." Since there are far too many routines to memorize, a cuer calls out the name of each figure in the routine just before it is to be executed. If you have a memory lapse or are unfamiliar with a particular routine or figure, you can continue progressing with the dance flow until you get to a spot or a figure that you recognize.


Man's ShoeRound Dancers learn from day 1 to associate each foot pattern with the figure name. This makes it easier to teach future routines since the dancer has a repertoire of figures at their fingertips (okay ‘foottips’). The average dancer has a repitoire of hundreds of routines and will typically dance 20-60 of these routines during the average evening. Clubs and classes, in addition to putting on known routines, will also typically teach part or all of a new routine or work on figures each evening.


This is not to say that Round Dancing is better than conventional ballroom. Rather, the two complement each other. Round Dancing helps you strengthen your basic repertoire of ballroom figures and permits you to do some figures that you would not dare to try at a conventional ballroom dance. We find that each type of dancing reinforces the other and leads to greater enjoyment of dancing in general.


CoupleThere are 6 levels of Round Dancing called phases. Phases 1 & 2 are "easy level" and include two step (similar to a type of country western dancing) and waltz (bronze figures - enough to dance at your daughter's wedding & elsewhere -- the basics). Phase 3 & 4 are the intermediate levels (bronze & silver figures) and include additional waltz figures, in addition to introductions to other rhythms in the International & American styles. Rhythms include: foxtrot, quickstep (similar to Arthur Murray foxtrot), International tango, American tango, Argentine tango, cha, rumba, bolero, mambo, jive, swing, west coast swing, samba, paso doble, slow two step (also called night-club two step), and others. Phase 5 & 6 (gold, star, & above figures) take dancers into the upper levels of dancing, including most of the figures you see at ballroom competitions. At the upper levels, many of the Round Dance instructors are trained by some of the best International & American ballroom teachers/competitors in the world.

On our links page, you can learn more about just what round dancing is and the history of dance in general. There are many sources to help you find where you can dance and where there are teachers to help you learn more. Several manuals, technique books & videotapes have been created by round-dance organizations and individuals around the world, and the cue sheets for individual dances are readily available. There are many sources for good dance music and for dance shoes. You need to have a good pair of dance shoes.


Round Dancing is WorldwideRound Dancing is good exercise and provides a relatively inexpensive evening's entertainment: the price for a typical club dance is about $10-$15 per couple for 1-1/2 to 3 hours. In addition, the social camaraderie should not be overlooked. Round Dancers tend to be extremely friendly, sociable, and very helpful people.


Round Dance clubs & classes can be found in and around every major city in the United States & Canada, as well as many cities in Europe & Asia (especially Japan). There are also many weekend & week-long Round Dance festivals and conventions offered almost every week of the year. Many of these can be found in the DIXIEICBDA, and ROUNDALAB, Dance - Round Out Your Life websites & newsletters, and through local and international Round Dance organizations.


Colorado is very lucky to have a strong Round Dance organization, CRDA, and therefore a large number of Round Dance CLUBS & CLASSES and EVENTS. JOIN US and make Round Dancing in Colorado even better!

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