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Programs, Teaches, & Instructors from Previous Galas




Full List of Instructors 1961 - present

3-4 November 2017

2017 Gala Program | Top 10 Archive, 1997 - 2017

Figure Clinics: Doug & Leslie Dodge / Mitchell Thompson & Chelsea Falk

Taught by Karen & Ed Gloodt:

The Mocking Bird (Gloodt II TS 2017)

It's Alright (Gloodt III JV 2017)

Love Will Find A Way (Gloodt IV STS 2017)

Never Let Me Go (Gloodt V WZ 2017)

Taught by Curt & Tammy Worlock

Af en Af (Seurer II TS 2017)

Here To Eternity (Kincaid III BL 2017)

They Can;t Take That Away From Me (Goss/Figwer IV FT 2017)

Our Hearts Still Go On (Worlock VI RB 2017)

4-5 November 2016

2016 Gala Program | Top 10 Archive, 1997 - 2016

Figure Clinics: Peter & Chama Gomez / John & Karen Herr

Taught by David Goss & Ulla Figwer:

Queen Of My Heart (Goss/Figwer III WZ 2016)

Mariana Mambo (Goss/Figwer IV MB 2016)

Lido Shuffle (Prow V JV 2016)

Taught by Mark & Pam Prow:

Papi (Ross III CH 2016)

Heart For Daddy (Prow III TG 2016)

Company Store (Prow IV FT 2015)

You're My World (Prow VI HCW 2016)

6-7 November 2015

2015 Gala Program | Top 10 Archive, 1997 - 2015

Figure Clinics: Becky & Dave Evans / Ed & Elvira Glenn

Taught by Steve & Lori Harris:

My Afrodizzyak (Harris III JV 2015)

Cuando Pienso En Ti (Harris IV BL 2015)

Hang On Little Tomato (Harris V FT 2015)

Taught by Randy & Marie Preskitt:

I Will Love You (Preskitt III WZ 2015)

Sweet Home Chicago (Kincaid IV WCS 2015)

Secret Garden Rumba (Goss VI RB 2015)

7-8 November 2014

2014 Gala Program (incl top 10)

Figure Clinics: Leisa & Mike Dawson / Mitchell Thompson

Taught by Sharon & Casey Parker:

Do You Wanna Dance (Healea II two step)

Lullaby for You (Parker III waltz)

Midnight Man (Parker IV jive)

And I Love Her (Parker V rumba)

Taught by Debby & Tim Vogt

Not Tonight, I've Got a Heartache (Woodruff II waltz)

You Raise Me Up III (Schmidt III slow two step)

Once Upon A December (Vogt IV viennese waltz)

Fascinating Rhythm (Vogt VI foxtrot)

1-2 November 2013

2013 Gala Program (incl top 10)

Figure Clinics: Harold & Meredith Sears / Paul & Linda Robinson

Taught by Kristine & Bruce Nelson:

A Little Too Late (Nelson II two step)

A Time for Waltz (Nelson III waltz)

Abraca-Cha (Nelson IV cha)

Como (Nelson VI bolero)

Taught by Judy & Hank Scherrer:

Free To Be . . . You and Me (Scherrer II two step)

Don Juan (Scherrer III tango)

Good Rockin Daddy (Scherrer IV jive)

The Last Blues Song (Scherrer V fox trot)

2-3 November 2012

2012 Gala Program (+Top 10) | Routines Danced (includes most requests) | 2012 Program Statistics

Top 10 Archive, 1997 - 2012

Figure Clinics: Bob & Sally Nolen / Peter & Chama Gomez | Bonus Teach: Mitchell Thompson

Taught by Ron & Mary Noble:

What If (Chadd II waltz)

Hey Soul Sister (Jestin III cha)

I'll Be Faithful To You (Noble IV slow two step)

Poema (Noble VI tango)

Taught by Susie & Gert-Jan Rotscheid:

Red, Red Robin (Rotscheid II two step)

Only You (Rotscheid III rumba)

Reál Paso Dos (Rotscheid IV paso doble)

Sentinmental Journey (Rotscheid V foxtrot)


Taught by Mitchell Thompson: I Love To Watch A Woman Dance (Ahart III waltz)

4-5 November 2011

2011 Gala Program

Figure Clinics: Milo & Grace Ferry / Michael & Pat Schrant

Taught by Dick & Karen Fisher:

Peaches and Cream (Fisher II two step)
Sway (Parker III rumba)
Sam's New Pants (Finch IV foxtrot)
Remember When (Worlock V bolero)

Taught by Randy & Marie Preskitt:

Until It's Time For You To Go (Preskitt II waltz)
I've Grown Accustomed to Your Face (Preskitt III cha)
Chewin' Gum (Moore IV quickstep)
Recuerdos De L'Alhambra (Preskitt VI waltz)

5-6 November 2010

2010 Gala Program

Figure Clinics: Karen & Dick Fisher / Peter & Chama Gomez

Taught by Michael & Regina Schmit:

Why Do Fools Fall in Love (Schmidt II two step)
Un Tango Del Cuore (Schmidt III tango)
Lost in the Darkness (Schmidt IV waltz)
Spanish Banderillero (Schmidt V paso doble)

Taught by George & Pam Hurd:

All the Stars in the Sky (Chadd II waltz)
And the Difference is You (Moore III rumba)
Pata Pata (Shibata IV cha)
Evening Star (Sandeman VI waltz)

Program Statistics (2005 - 2009)

6-7 November 2009

2009 Gala Program

Figure Clinics: Harold & Meredith Sears / Justin & Rose del Sol

Taught by Curt & Tammy Worlock:

Goody Goody (Aoyama II two step)
Chances (Lawrence III slow two step)
Me & My Sister (Read IV waltz)

Angelina (Worlock V cha)

Taught by Paul & Linda Robinson:

Country Boy (Robinson II two step)
Your Life (Robinson III foxtrot)
Gravity Storm (Fisher IV merengue)
Halfway to Heaven (Robinson V bolero)

7-8 November 2008

2008 Gala Program
Figure Clinics: Bill & Karen Holm / Ed & Elvira Glenn

Taught by Mark & Pam Prow:

Do You Want to Dance (Prow II two step)
Lady M (Prow III cha)
This Is Your Song (Prow IV hesistation-canter waltz)
Mustang Sally (Prow VI west coast swing)

Taught by Judy & Hank Scherrer:

The Lover's Waltz (Scherrer II waltz)
Billy Quickstep (Scherrer III quickstep)
Sign Your Name (Scherrer IV rumba)
Schoner Gigolo (Scherrer V tango/foxtrot)

2-3 November 2007

2007 Gala Program
Figure Clinics: Karen & Dick Fisher / Dennis & Judi Winze

Taught by Barbara & Wayne Blackford:

Dancin' Party (Francis II two step)
Hope (Chadd III waltz)
I Finally Found Somone (Fisher IV bolero)
Change of Seasons (Blackford VI waltz)

Taught by Adrienne & Larry Nelson:

Pas The Bananas (Scott II polka)
Stepping Out Quickstep (Nelson III quickstep/two step)
Ding Dong Mambo (Collipi IV mambo)
Irresponsible Me (Nelson V foxtrot)

3-4 November 2006

2006 Gala Program
Figure Clinics: Karen & Dick Fisher / Bill & Karen Holm

Taught by Ron & Ree Rumble:

The Ouah Ouah Song (Woodruff II two step)
I Can See Clearly Now (Rumble III rumba)
Starlight Waltz (Worlock IV waltz)
Stranger on the Shore (Read V+ slow two step)

Taught by Kristine & Bruce Nelson:

Just a Little Talk with Jesus (Hilton II two step)
Eskimo Tango (Molitoris III tango)
West Coast Swingin' (Nelson IV west coast swing)
Sin Excusas (Molitoris V bolero)

4-5 November 2005

2005 Gala Program - Statistics
Figure Clinics: Dennis & Judi Winze / Ed & Elvira Glenn

Taught by Randy & Marie Preskitt:

It's All In The Game (Healea II waltz)
Coronado Sunset (Oren III waltz)
Got A Brand New Bag (Lillefield IV jive)
Draggin' The Line (Preskitt V+ west coast swing)

Taught by Tim & Nana Eum:

Istanbul (Not Constantinople) (Clark II two step)
Besame Tango (Chico III tango)
Under The Sea (Kincaid IV samba/two step)
Good Lovin' (Fisher V salsa)

5-6 November 2004

2004 Gala Program
Figure Clinics: Paul & Linda Robinson / Chris & Terri Cantrell

Taught by Brent & Judy Moore:

Waltz Serenade (Tirrell II waltz)
Merengue Si (Barton III merengue)
Blue Wings (Moore IV waltz)
Tuxedo Tango (Moore VI tango)

Taught by Karen & Dick Fisher:

Hawaiian Twostep (Molitoris II two step)
No Matter What III (Fisher III rumba)
Honky Tonkin'...West Coast (Rotscheid IV west coast swing)
Tulane (Fisher V jive)


Gala Instructors Through the Years


Guest Instructors

Figure Clinician(s)


Frank & Carolyn Hamilton




Charles & Bettye Procter

Jerry & Midge Washburn



Forest & Kay Richards




Pete & Ann Peterson




Chick & Ieleen Stone




Ben & Vivian Highburger




Ann & Pete Peterman




Hal & Dot Chambers




Willie & Vonnie Stotler




Wayne & Norma Wylie




Frank & Phyl Lehnert




Irv & Betty Easterday




Charlie & Bettye Proctor




Jack & Darlene Chaffee




Eddie & Audrey Palmquist




Phil & Norma Roberts




Charlie & Madeline Lovelace




Harmon & Betty Jorritsma

Charlie & Betrye Proctor



Wayne & Norma Wylie

Ed & Sharon Campbell



Betty & Clancy Mueller

Hap & A. J. Wolcott



Richard & Jo Anne Lawson




Bob & Mary Ann Rother

Bill & Virginia Tracy



Bub & Cissle Drake

Bill & Helen Stairwalt



Dot & Pete Hickman




Harmon & Betty Jorritsma

Hap & A.J. Wolcott



Richard & Jo Anne Lawson




Phil & Becky Guenthner

George & Joyce Kammerer



Ed & Gloria Kilner




Derek & Jean Tonks

Wilson & Ann McCreary



Wayne & Barbara Blackford




Bill & Helen Stairwalt




Rod & Susan Anderson

Ralph & Joan Collipi



Richard & Jo Anne Lawson




Anne & Charles Brownrigg

Carmen & Mildred Smarrelli



Rod & Susan Anderson




Bill & Martha Buck

Ron & Mary Noble



Barbara & Jerry Pierce

Debby & Tim Vogt



Jack & Judy DeChenne

Mary & Pete McGee



Beryl & Peter Barton

George & Pam Hurd



Randy & Marie Preskitt

Curt & Tommy Worlock

Paul & Linda Robinson


Bill & Carol Goss

Tim & Debby Vogt

Paul & Linda Robinson


Jack & Judy DeChenne

Ron & Mary Noble

Paul & Linda Robinson


Kay & Joy Read

Alan & Carol Lillefield

Paul & Linda Robinson and Chris & Terri Cantrell


Brent & Judy Moore

Karen & Dick Fisher

Paul & Linda Robinson and Chris & Terri Cantrell


Randy & Marie Preskitt

Tim & Nana Eum

Dennis & Judi Winze and Ed & Elvira Glenn


Ron & Ree Rumble

Kristine & Bruce Nelson

Karen & Dick Fisher and Bill & Karen Holm


Barbara & Wayne Blackford

Adrienne & Larry Nelson

Karen & Dick Fisher and Dennis & Judi Winze


Mark & Pam Prow

Judy & Hank Scherrer

Ed & Elvira Glenn and Bill & Karen Holm


Curt & Tammy Worlock

Paul & Linda Robinson

Justin & Rose del Sol and Harold & Meredith Sears


Michael & Regina Schmidt

George & Pam Hurd

Karen & Dick Fisher and Peter & Chama Gomez


Karen & Dick Fisher

Randy & Marie Preskitt

Milo & Grace Ferry and Michael & Pat Schrant


Susie & Gert-Jan Rotscheid

Ron & Mary Noble

Peter & Chama Gomez and Bob & Sally Nolen


Kristine & Bruce Nelson

Judy & Hank Scherrer

Paul & Linda Robinson and Harold & Meredith Sears


Debby & Tim Vogt

Casey & Sharon Parker

Mitchell Thompson and Leisa & Mike Dawson


Steve & Lori Harris

Randy & Marie Preskitt

Becky & Dave Evans and Ed & Elvira Glenn


David Goss & Ulla Figwer

Mark & Pam Prow

Peter & Chama Gomez and John & Karen Herr


Karen & Ed Gloodt

Curt & Tammy Worlock

Doug & Leslie Dodge and Mitchell Thompson & Chelsea Falk



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