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Round Dance Manuals (updated 27 December 2008)
Round Dance Manual by Harold & Meredith Sears: Online Free Manual & other information (updated 27 December 2008)
ROUNDALAB: Online Manual Subscription Order Form
ICBDA Technical Dance Manual: (formally known as URDC) Free to ICBDA / URDC Members or purchase on CD for $10 + S&H
List of other books & videos by Harold & Meredith Sears (updated 27 December 2008)

Round Dance Figure & Rhythm Articles By: (updated 27 December 2008)
Bob Benjamin on | Round Dance Forum (updated 27 December 2008)
Chris & Terri Cantrell
Sandi & Dan Finch
Barbara & Jim German
Susie & Gert-Jan Rotscheid Newsletter
Michael & Regina Schmidt
Harold & Meredith Sears
Articles on the Web (David Sanford)

Round Dance Video/DVD Lessons, Clinics, & Demonstrations (updated 27 December 2008)
Steppin' Out with the Blackfords (updated 27 December 2008)
Private Lessons with Curt & Tammy
ICBDA Education Seminar Videos (formally known as URDC)
ICBDA Showcase of Rounds Video (formally known as URDC)
ROUNDALAB Teaching Video & DVDs
Resources for Dancers (David Sanford)

Other Dance Figure Descriptions, Tips, & Videos
Dance Universe - Great prices on Ballroom CDs, also has clothing, shoes, videso, accessories....
Dance Vision - Videos, Books, Music, Clothing, Camps... learn a dance step online dance lesson dance term glossary
E-Z 30 Minute Ballroom Dance Course: basic figure descriptions & foot patterns
Ballroom Dance Syllabus (International) learn to ballroom dance online
Dance Tips: dance direction, woman is always right, prevent popping the clutch, fancy footwork, survival dancer, etiquette, rise & fall, arm tension, spins, golden rule of swing
Dance Etiquette: How To's and How Do's of Ballroom Dance
Dance Floor Etiquette - The Information Super Dance Floor email
Technique & Etiquette for Men on Dance Floor: Erik Summers
Much Ado About Ballroom Dancing: leading/following, selecting shoes, etiquette, & music email
Lead & Follow: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Cha Cha Cha ---
Cha Cha Figure Video Clips: from
Jive, Lindy, Swing, West Coast Swing ---
Jive (East Coast Swing) Figure Video Clips: from
Lindy Figure Video Clips: from
Any Swing Goes: swing music, news, & culture
Swing Tutorial: from
West Coast Swing Figure Video Clips: from
Foxtrot ---
Foxtrot Figure Video Clips: from
Foxtrot Tutorial: from
Rumba ---
Rumba Figure Video Clips: from
Salsa ---
Salsa Figure Video Clips: from
Salsa Dance Patterns: Created by Frank Ramos
Tango (international, argentine, american) ---
Tango Figure Video Clips: from
Waltz (international & viennese) ---
Waltz Figure Video Clips: from
Waltz Tutorial: from
Viennese Figure Video Clips: from
Other ---
Ballroom & Country Western Dance - Dance Steps: Waltz & Foxtrot

Cue Sheets - Round Dancing (section updated 8 July 2011) 
Cue Sheets Sources
Cue Sheets from All Over (Mixed-Up Squares & Mark Brautigam) -- Best bet for finding cue sheets
RDID Cue Sheets on the Web (Other RDID Items Roger Ward)
CRDA Past Rounds of the Month & Classics of the Quarter

Cue Sheet Collection (Mixed-Up Squares & Milo Molitoris) Cue Sheets (Hank & Judy Scherrer)
Cue Sheets (Pam & George Hurd) Cuesheets (Mixed-Up Squares & Rhythm Rounds: Jim & Adele Chico)
Teaches & Teaching Units (Chris & Terri Cantrell) Archive of Cue Sheets (Bob & Robin Young)
European Callers & Teachers Association (ECTA) Cue Sheet Server (Martin Pruefer)
Cue Sheets (Klaus Voelkl) - Rounds
St. Louis Round Dance Council (SLRDC) Missouri Round Dance Association (MRDA
Cue Sheets by Inidivudal Choreographers
Links to several Choreographer Websites (David Sanford)
Blackford, Wayne & Barbara (+audio clips | click on Cue Sheets) Lamberty, Richard
Brown, Sandy & Kit Matthews, Richard & Frances
Callen, Jerry & Bonnie  Molitoris, Milo
Cantrell, Chris & Terri (+audio clips & video links)  Prow, Mark & Pam
Chico, Jim & Adele (head cues only Ross, Bill & Maxine (cue sheets are under each rhythm)
Crapo, Denis & Ginny  Rotscheid, Ger-Jan & Susie
Cunningham, Desmond & Ruth; Rumble, Ron | Ron & Ree (+audio clips | click on Cue Sheets)
Davis, Ken & Sue Savell, Sonya & Jones, Terry
DeChenne, Jack & Judy Schmidt, Michael & Regina
Esqueda, Carlos & Nancy (+videos | click on Enter) Scherrer, Hank & Judy
Filardo, Dom & Joan Shibata, Kenji & Nobuko (click on Cue Sheets)
Finch, Dan & Sandi Speranzo, Tony
Gloodt, Ed & Karen Trankel, Mary & Gilder, Don (+audio clips)
Gomez, Peter & Chama Tucker, Jim & Carol
Hamilton, Betty Valenta, Frank & Carol
Herr, John & Karen Woodruff, Annette & Frank
Kincaid, Peg & John Worlock, Curt & Tammy (click on Cue Sheets)
Knight, Roy & Marcia (+audio clips) Young, Bob & Robin
Head Cues Only
ROUNDALAB Classic Routines (head cues only) Head Cues on Tap (Carlisle Phillips)
Head Cues Only (Rhythm Rounds: Jim & Adele Chico)  

Cue Sheet Paid Services

Cue Sheet Magazine - online or mail subscription service (editor)  
Lyrics to Round Dance Routines
Lyrics to Round Dances (Mixed-Up Squares)  
Cue Sheets for other types of Dancing (added 8 July 2011)

Square Dance Cue/Call Sheets

Challenge Call DefinitionsSquare Dance Cue/Call Sheets (Vic Cedar) click All, Singing Calls, Patters, Rounds, Contra, Lines, Sing-Alongs, Mixers
Contra - Contra  
Line Dance - Line Dance Kickit
Dance-N-Time | Line Tap Cue Sheets Line - Links
Cowboy CultureUse Google or other search engine for more  
Clogging Cue Sheets  
National Clogging Organization (CLCG) - National Dance List
Dance-N-Time Clogging River Boat
Dare to Clog  
Tap Dance
Dance-N-Time Tap Dance Instruction Videos (click on purple tab "Tap Dance Instruction Videos" & select video)
Other Free Services

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Services for Sale
Sound, Record, & Audio Media, Equipment
DanceMaster: Clark & Sandy Godfrey, organize your cue sheets, play & cue music from your laptop computer
Palomino Records: Phone: 1-800-328-3800 or 1-614-389-5919 Fax: 1-800-227-5420 or 1-614-389-4028
Dance Universe - Great prices on Ballroom CDs, also has clothing, shoes, videso, accessories....
WRD Worldwide Music Ltd
Dance Vision - Videos, Books, Music, Clothing, Camps...
Used Records for sale: Rochelle's Rounders
Rawhide Buckskin Records
ABC Records: the 1st square dance label in Eastern Europe
FastHits: tons of 45s
Hilton Audio Products, Inc.
Supreme-Audio: Phone 800-445-7398 or (603)876-3636 Fax 1-800-346-4867 or (603)876-4001
J & R Music: great source for minidiscs & other sound equipment
RealPlayer: stream music through your computer, free download
SoundAmerica: download music for your computer web sites FREE
Clothing Companies
Dancewear & Dance Costumes - Denver Fabrics: Fabric for dance apparel including nylon/spandex stretch knits, metallics, velvet, fake fur, and silk. Also sewing notions and trims. And all at discounted prices.
Dance Universe - Great prices on Ballroom CDs, also has clothing, shoes, videso, accessories....
Dance Vision - Videos, Books, Music, Clothing, Camps...
RainbowSHIU - Dance wear, great prices
Portdance Shoes
Petticoat Junction, Oklahoma - Information email, sales, or call us at 1-800-477-1304
Tutu Boutique
Lolo Square Dance Center & Campground Shop
Denver Fabrics : In addition to fabric, there are lots of links to other dance related sites
Shoe Company listings: Click on #4 (Dance Clothing & Shoes) in left hand frame
Where to Buy Those Ballroom Dance Shoes
Promenade Dance Shoppe
Royal Petticoats
Things That Glitter - email
Swingwear Faux Vintage Clothing Company: email
Dance Essentials, Inc.: dance shoes & accessories email
Promenade Parade - Square Dance Fashions
Nancy's Square Dance Fashions
Promenade Shop & Western Stop
Ballroom Dance Supplies & More Information
Ballroom Costuming & Other Supplies
Bustamove - dance patterns, for sale
Dance - The Dance Patterns Database email
The Electric Square Dance: square dance patterns, free trial
Perry's Place: music & supplies for clogging, country western, line, square & round dancing
Badge Hut: email
Amos & Nancy Mouser Badges (406)727-9183
Peony Enterprises (Badges) - Ron & Donna Baba - Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada) (204)837-8355
Head Q's Enterprises: Craig Pierson cue sheet writing business
Badge A Minit: Make them yourself badges, 800-223-4103
123 Greetings - free greeting cards
Foto Search

A Cuban dance derived from the mambo, possibly named after the noise made by the slippers of Caribbean women
(2 slow & 3 quick steps). First popular in the middle 1950's.

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